Padel Phuket @ Chalong!

🎾 Welcome to Padel Phuket @ Chalong
Where Padel Passion Takes Root! 🎾

Dive into the heart of Padel excitement at our inaugural venue; Padel Phuket @ Chalong!

With our three outdoor panoramic courts, we proudly hold the distinction of being the pioneers of Padel in Phuket. Join us at our easily accessible location and discover the magic of the first Padel courts in Phuket that started it all!

🥇 Phuket’s First Padel Courts! 🥇

Padel Phuket @ Chalong holds the honor of introducing Phuket to the exhilarating world of Padel back in 2020. Our three panoramic court set the stage for the rapid growth of this dynamic sport on the island.

Be part of Phuket’s Padel history and play on the courts where the Padel passion first took flight in Phuket!

No Padel gear? No problem!

Explore our Pro-Shop, where we offer a fantastic selection of equipment for sale and rent, catering to all skill levels and ages.

Find the perfect fit for your game and elevate your Padel experience with top-quality equipment!

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🌟 The Padel Phuket @ Chalong Experience: 🌟

✅ Three outdoor panoramic courts right next to main road
✅ Holds the pioneer status as Phuket’s first Padel venue
✅ Accessible for players of all ages and skill levels
✅ Professional coaching to enhance your Padel skills
✅ Engaging community events and tournaments